Thursday, December 15, 2011

white listing your mail server

Its so often that our email got miss-tagged as spam and thrown into the recipient junk mail.
It has and will be an on going research on how to white list our mail server to have those emails going into the proper inbox of the recipient.
Even with perfect configuration of white-listing, SPF and SNDS and RDNS, we need to take important consideration into spam filtering on all your outgoing emails. This is extremely important, as we need to protect our good users from bad users. Also to prevent virus infected pc from sending out spams or viruses.
(This article is a work in progress)

Several options availble:

  • SPF (Sender Policy Framework) Record
    Setting up custom TXT record to domain to whitelist your mail server for each domain
    Used by: Gmail, yahoo mail
  • SNDS (Smart Network Data Services)
    Join the White list channel.
    This will requires a RDNS to point to your domain, and have postmaster or to handle the add to white list
    Used by: hotmail and more..
  • AuthKey
    Used by hotmail
  • DomainKey
    Used by hotmail and yahoo mail
  • RDNS (Reverse DNS)
    Need data center or IP owner to point the ip lookup to domain
  1. Setup RDNS
  2. Setup SNDS
  3. Setup SPF Record for every domain
  4. Dmainkey and Authkey

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