Saturday, December 31, 2011

MODx page not found on manager

This was a real trouble for me in the first place.
How am i suppose to fix this...
First, i did the throw exception as stated in my last post.

then next thing i know, i realize the $modx->config["modRequest.class"] wasn't declared...
so it uses modRequest instead of modManagerRequest class.

after digging for hours, ive finally noticed that the $modx->context->prepare() doesnt seems to return
proper config in $modx->context->config;

to fix it, add in true  into the parameter:
then, load the manager page. you should be able to see the manager page now.
next, remove the true (restore the code to its previous state).
then login into the manager.
and Site > Clear cache.
Now all your site should have the proper config loaded based on the respective context.

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