Friday, December 16, 2011

GMail sucks?

I've been a long time users of gmail.
I've my email hosted on google apps, and find their anti-spam protection rocks.
But lately, i found their flaws. This flaws is so extreme that i almost want to move out of their app server.

Their spam protection have moved to another level, TOTALLY BLOCKING IP.
Even after several attempt to request them to white list my ip, They FAILED to response on time or response any emails to my request.
I've my RDNS setup, SPF and DKIM, but they just block my ip.
And its a new vps ive just gotten, so im not sharing the ip with anyone else.
Probably someone have miss-used it in the past, but they should response on time to legitimate ip users. This is very unacceptable attitude from Google Team!
My IP is perfectly clean from any black list servers, and why the heck google need to BLOCK IP????

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