Monday, March 16, 2015

modx minified error

It seems to happen on certain site that modx manager stop functioning properly.
when open in firebug, it shows modx minified returned error 400,
missing file.

when i appended &debug to the url, error starts showing out in firebug, and it indicates double appended path to the script.
the solution to this problem is to goto root/manager/mini/index.php

line #66 and add the bold code below:

if ($hasVirtualAssetsURL && !$hasVirtualManagerURL) {
    $min_serveOptions['minApp']['allowDirs'][] = MODX_ASSETS_PATH;
    $min_serveOptions['minApp']['virtualDirs'][MODX_ASSETS_URL] = MODX_ASSETS_PATH;

yes, ive already submitted a bug, and hopefully they have fixed it