Tuesday, January 17, 2012

netonboard.com sucks?

Updates 2012 jan 18:
Finally, got their attention from facebook fanpage. Talked to their support, and got my email replied.
They should check their offline chat message if its provided on their website...

Well, i tried to be professional in judging them.
If it wasn't because the client bought the hosting with them, i might not have to face their shit.

First, they change their hosting without our notice.
Previously things which works, now doesn't work, and they claim they never change anything,

In php point of programmer view, they disable error log.
Fine, as programmer, i will use ini_set to enable it to see what went wrong.
so my surprise, it came out error 500 instead.
so defnitely it has been disabled ini_set function... wth..

Next, if you php code doesnt close with ?>, it will also come out error 500, isn't this a norm in php to have unclosed tag? its to avoid unwanted endline charactor in the end to avoid being output out.

3rd, fine, lets fill in the support form for help..
After filling in the contact form, its been 1+ weeks and no response.
Okay, lets try call their support fella, went to voice mail...
Okay, lets try again, their "live chat",
waiting for operator, waiting for operator, waiting for operator, waiting for operator,  sorry operator not available..
Their website published they hosted CIMB, wth? do you think bank will host with them with this kind of SLA? LoL, what a joke..

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