Friday, January 27, 2012

modx 2.2 changes

return anonymous user if no user is logged in to the context.
when getOne("Profile") is performed on anonymous user, will return null, so some error might be thrown.

modx->db->dbfunctions is now deprecated, so use the actual function from $modx itself.
for more information, refer here:

Example of a big change:

$modx->db->query is completely different from $modx->query

So you may use parseBinding to do your query.

$sSelectSQL = "select `parent`, `context_key` , id, `alias`, pagetitle, longtitle from modx_site_content where context_key=:contextand parent=:parent and `alias`=:alias and (published=0 or deleted=1)";

$aParam = array(":context" => "web",
":parent" => 1, ":alias" => "somealias");

$sResultSelectSQL = $modx->parseBindings($sSelectSQL, $aParam);
$stmt = $modx->query($sResultSelectSQL);

if (! $stmt) throw new Exception("SQL Failed: " . $sResultSQL);

//to fetch all
$aCount = $stmt->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
foreach($aCount as $oRow) {
  echo $oRow["id"];
//to fetch one
$oRow = $stmt->fetch($PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
echo $oRow["id"];

And other class based method:

//to get an object row
$oRes = $modx->getObject("modResource", array("context_key" => "web", "parent" => 1, "alias" => "somealias"));

echo $oRes->get("id");

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