Friday, October 8, 2010

Modx2 deployment

To transfer testing site to live site:

  • restore database to server
  • upload files to serveredit core/config/ (many path setting)
  • server edit
  • server edit manager/
  • server edit connectors/
  • edit table modx_workspaces and set path field to core ,
    example: '/var/www/modx/core/'
  • for provisioner package: setting modx_system_settings.value of key "cookiefile" to temporary folder (if its not /tmp)
  • set chmod -R 777 to core
  • set chmod -R 777 to assets (create if not exists)
  • login manager, and clear cache (ignore the error of unable to locate action file)
If you have problem with packages, and accidently deleted the zip file, you may either download the package file manually, or delete the record in table "modx_transport_packages"

Newer version (2.1.3) doesnt need to edit manager, connectors

First thing after done all above, login to manager, and clear cache.
But if you encounter unable to locate file ...manager/controllers/default/welcome.php
Try rerun setup

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