Saturday, October 23, 2010

Modx 2 Category access

By default, everyone have access to any category.
Any resources fall within those category will be editable and save by anyone who have the policy to save/edit_template/snippet/chunk.

To restrict permission, you will need to add the category into the user group with:
category: [youcategory]
min role: [member/super user]
access policy: administrator
context: mgr

Once save, you will realise, nobody will be even see the category anymore.
Solution, Running: Security > Flush permissions.
And now, only those who meet min role within mgr may see the category and the element/resources inside.

Updates Oct25: There is a bug in modx2 which doesnt allow new element to be created under the category we have provided administrator policy as set above. The work around is to create a new element without any category, and then edit the element and set category to it. It will work properly if we set the element to it.

Okay, now if you want other user to see only those resources/element inside the category but do not want to let them edit:
Add this in the user group category:
category: [youcategory]
min role: [member/super user]
access policy: Load, List and View
context: mgr
Running: Security > Flush permissions.

If the above doesnt work, try logout and login again :)
Hope it helps :)

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