Monday, January 4, 2016

capistrano is slow, alternative: blazing

capistrano seems to be quite slow to deploy. it works great for production, as it export entire git into independent directory and relink directory from shared directory.

In some of my smaller projects,  i would prefer to maintain only 1 folder, and do a git hard reset and push the update directly from my local git.
my work around is to use blazing. since blazing 0.5, recipes is no longer supported.
blazing by default works great! but until you realize you are using spring, and passenger

ive customize blazing with spring generated bin removed from bin.

to deploy:
  1. create to $HOME/rails/shared
  2. upload shared/config/application.yml (for figaro)
  3. mkdir shared/log
  4. mkdir shared/public/uploads
  5. mkdir shared/public/system
  6. mkdir shared/tmp
  7. mkdir shared/vendor/bundle

next, in your project,
  1. blazing init
  2. edit config/blazing.rb
    rake :"server:deploy"
  3. copy this file to lib/tasks/ #if you use mod passenger
  4. blazing setup production
    # this will deploy git after deploy scripts on server
  5. blazing update production # to update later if changed blazing config

to deploy updates, simply:
  1. git push production master # remote: production, local branch: master

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