Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cordova create An unexpected error occurred: "$ANDROID_BIN" create project --target $TARGET

It turns out that ive mis named my package name
package name should be prefixed accordingly with 3 namespace

try this:
./create ~/mobiles projectname


Alastair said...

It turns out that my issue was due to hyphenation in the project and activity name... I wish these error messages were a bit more helpful! :-P

Jeroen Sen said...

Had the same issue, used numeric charachters in the project name. this will result in the same usefull error message... LOL

Jeroen Sen said...

Had the same error message, I used numeric characters in the project name. So much for helpfull error messages... LOL

Tinkering Web said...

Yap, mine is because the dash in the project name :)