Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ubuntu Tweak

Its been sometime i've been on ubuntu...
And i start to realise, my kernel update has been piling up on my grub boot list.
Uninstalling it doesnt help in removing the grub list, and i dont keen to edit the grub configuration manually...
So, i went on googling as usual, and found this post:

And to my amazement, i found an application alike "ccleaner" in windows...

Its an amazing piece of work :)
Well done to the developer :)

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James said...

When you have lots of kernel to delete, its just not right to run update-grub on every removal...
its waste of time and lots of harddisk spinning.

So, move your /usr/sbin/update-grub and update-grub2 to somewhere else before you removing any of the kernal image.

When you are done, move back those 2 files in the directory.
Then run:
sudo update-grub

this save HOURS of your time ! :)
hope it helps...