Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Browser is up! - Chrome

Google came out with the Best Browser ever made from open source software,
"Webkit" (also used by Konqueror & Safari).
On top of that, they have made a very impressively fast performance Javascript engine named "V8". The results were so impressive! It is more than 10X faster than traditional javascript engine made used in Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and M$ IE 7.

But its too bad that Chrome is yet to be available on Linux / Mac at this moment.

They managed to separate each tab / window process of Chrome into multiple process. Even plugin has their own separate process :)

With the new separated process, any crash on 1 window/tab can be controlled and constrained any crash into that particular tab/window without crashing on the other tabs or window. Even plugin works the same way!
This is what future browser need!

Recently, Mozilla has also optimized their JavaScript engine to a new level, named "Spider Monkey". They claim to have higher performance compared to Chrome "V8" engine. But compared to V8, V8 separates each tab processes independently, making it more stable.

There has been claimed that some of the users are unable to open gmail or gdocs from google Chrome. As far as our testing goes, it works perfectly fine.
But we still like the "Home" button to be there on the chrome interface. Missing that features, make it awkward.

Here is a speed comparison chart on Chrome:

And another comparison:

On top of that, we think that Adobe should seriously look into fixing up their Flash engine. It is so unstable on Windows, and even worst on Linux. The version we tested were Flash 9 and Flash 10 Beta.

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James said...

Wow, nearly 3 months has past since the initial beta release for google chrome, and the "LINUX" or "MAC" version is still not out yet???

Oh mine, what happened to google?